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The word ditch is most often used to describe a narrow channel dug into the ground to allow for drainage, or to help irrigate farms and fields to grow crops. Ditch liners are often different from canal liners due to the ditch's narrow width and what it's used for.


Western Environmental Liner offers a wide variety of ditch liners depending on the circumstance. There are various reasons why different liner material options can be needed depending on the ditch situation.For instance, sometimes it can make more sense to go with a temporary liner because the liner will be easy to replace in the future or easy to reinstall. In other situations, it may make more sense to go with more long term liners that can last well over 20 years. A long term ditch liner might be the best option where reinstalling a liner may prove difficult or just to have the peace of mind that there will be no need to worry about the liner for a very long time.


Because ditch liners are most often used in agricultural applications, Western Environmental Liner and its parent company Western Ag Enterprises have a great deal of experience working with farmer’s and dairy’s needs when it comes to lining ditches. Some aspects that we have worked on is speeding up the time it takes for water to reach its destination which has helped reduce the time it takes to water a field, increasing a farms production.


A ditch liner can also greatly reduce erosion which can be a common problem with unlined ditches. A liner can help prevent weeds from growing on the sides of a ditch and help prevent dirt from crumbling and destroying the ditch itself over time. Ditch liners can also be used under concrete lined ditches to help with stabilization and the future inevitable cracking of the concrete.


With our special equipment we can also provide ditch liners with almost unlimited lengths. Only weight needs to be a concern. We also have special equipment to help make installing our ditch liners easy. 
We normally recommend some of our strongest reinforced liner materials to prevent any tears and punctures, which can be a concern when fast flowing water comes into play.  Each ditch lining job is unique though and we will tailor the liner material to your specific needs.  Please contact us so we can start helping you with your ditch lining project. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be able to help you choose the best lining option available. 
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