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FAQ's On Western Environmental Liner


Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we fabricate all of the liners we make either in our Tolleson Arizona, Great Bend, Kansas or Romulus, NY Factories.

Do you provide installations?

Yes, we have up to 200 employees in the service industry directly employed by us throughout the West & Midwest & East. We also have installation contacts throughout the east coast to help with your installation needs.

If the liner is made in two or more pieces can I put it together in the field myself?

Often times the answer is yes. All you need is a portable hot air gun to melt the material together which we can provide you if needed.

How are your liners shipped?

We provide liners that are easily folded for easy, cost efficient shipping. Normally our liners are rolled up and placed on a pallet, either a 4’ x 3’4’’ pallet or a 4’ x 7’ pallet based on the size of the liner. The liner is wrapped with geotextile to protect it during shipping.

What is the time frame for a fabricated liner to be shipped?

We can make very large liners in a short amount of time, often times we can make your liner within 24 hours for emergencies. Normally we like to have five business days but may need up to ten business days based on the application and our present volume output.

What makes you different from other manufacturers of liner materials?

Western Environmental Liner’s specialty is large volume orders, so we can produce more finished product than almost anyone in the industry. We also have a background in innovative new products so if you come to us with an idea we will try to find the most cost effective way to accomplish your goals. We also have a background in tarps so we have all the equipment to sew your material and/or add d-lines, grommets, & pull straps if needed.

Are the main products you promote the only products you provide?

No, we have provided dozens of unique materials and products in the past. The materials on the website are the most cost effective products 95% of the time so that is why we chose to promote them. If you have a unique application, please contact us, there is a good chance we can get what you are looking for.

Do you have anything to prevent pipes from being a problem?

Yes, we can make something called a pipe boot that slips over the pipe and connects to the liner to prevent leakage. We will custom make it to be able to fit, all we need is the outside diameter and length of the pipe.

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